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Executive Protection New York

A career in executive protection can be exciting and rewarding. It includes the safe guarding of a person with VIP status that might be subject to a higher security risk because of their celebrity status, wealth, employment, geographical location or associations. A person employed in executive protection is sometimes called a body guard or personal assistant. The term executive protection was coined by the U. S. secret service when the Executive Protection Service was formed to safe guard visiting dignitaries.

Executive protection New York is regulated by the state of New York and requires the individual to be trained, cheap new balance shoes licensed and insured. Individuals employed as executive protection New York agents must also obtain a separate permit to carry a concealed weapon.

When hiring executive protection New York, always ask to see a Corporate Business license and registration to provide protective services issued by the state of New York, current liability insurance certificate, a valid driver license and certificates of initial training and continuing update training as required by law. In the event an executive protection New York agency is hired, each individual agent must also be new balance mens licensed. Always check the most important license for an executive protection New York agent and that is a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, passed in 2004, does not serve as a license for an off duty law enforcement officer to provide executive protection New York services.

Hiring an unlicensed executive protection New York agent can result in severe liability issues for the client in the event of an accident or problem.

Executive protection New York measures include providing services for home or corporate security, protection of armored vehicles, private new balance in canada jet travel, vehicle scramble plans, screening mail and protection for the public good.

There are currently two executive protection schools in the United States that offer an introduction to executive protection. The classes include 100 hours of training consolidated into a seven day program with certified and experienced training instructors that teach there specialty.

Once a training program has been completed the executive protection New York agent can begin the licensing process.

The licensing application includes a criminal background check, documentation of training, a valid New York driver license and the Informed cheap new balance Consent application. The completed application is submitted to the New York licensing board with the appropriate fees. I'm attending to talk towards you . Pr . Across arriving at any Traffic Office, the volunteers signed another waiver and complet . It is based on the conclusion that the finest indica . All move would almost entirely be an hassle towards boosting any .


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